One more Cup of Coffee for the road,

One more Cup of Coffee before I go,

to the valley below 

Written by Bob Dylan,

at the corner table at The Other End in Greenwich Village in the summer of 1975.

What will you write @ RISE Wilmslow


Located in the centre of Wilmslow, Cheshire, RISE is an independent coffee shop serving Amazing Coffee & Tea, plus delicious Homemade Cakes & fresh Homemade Sandwiches.

Our customers say it's the

"Best Coffee in Wilmslow".



RISE brings the very best coffee to Wilmslow, we have sourced the best beans producing the tastiest coffee from around the country and from around the world from Peru to Patagonia, We have found what we feel is the best tasting coffee in Wilmslow from the Coffee Advocates. Plus we will bring very special coffee from Artisan Rosters, from Single Origin beans from India, Indonesia, Java, Bolivia, Africa and many more countries round the world in the coming months.

We also want to give you the best sandwiches we can, with great local Artisan breads, and tasty fillings. 

Rise originally opened as "Best Barista" in 1994 by Tracy & Les Paton, now its back in the family with James Hanson, their brother in law, in charge.


Free Doggy Treats

Free Cuddles and Water



07526 358485



19 Water Lane


Cheshire, SK9 6AE



M–W 7:30am–5pm
Sat 8am–5pm
Sun 9am–2pm 



24/12/16 Saturday 9 to 4 Xmas Eve

25/12/16 Sunday Closed Xmas Day

26/12/16 Monday Closed Boxing Day

27/12/16 Tuesday 9 to 3 - Soup or Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches

28/12/16 Wednesday 9 to 3 Reduced Menu

29/12/16 Thursday 9 to 3 Reduced Menu

30/12/16 Friday 9 to 3 Reduced Menu

31/12/16 Saturday 9 to 4 Reduced Menu

01/01/17 Sunday Closed New Years Day

02/01/17 Monday 9 to 3 Soup or Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches

03/01/17 Tuesday 7:30 to 5 Back to Normal



Text your coffee and food order to

07526 358 485 

from 8am - 2:30pm Monday to Saturday